2021 Blog Posts

Taking Care of the Land During Muddy Trail Season Taking Care of the Land During Muddy Trail Season

As Central Oregon's winter goes from cold and frozen to warm and rainy, muddy trail conditions begin to appear. For the protection of our beautiful lands, please remember: if you leave tracks, turn back. Here's why.

Microplastics: What are they? Microplastics: What are they?

They’re in our water, they’re on land, they're in ice, they’re in the air… they’re even in our beer. Read more about the plastic pollution that is happening right under our noses.

All About Lichens All About Lichens

What is lichen anyway? Learn more about this fascinating and oft misunderstood organism. Then see a few examples of common lichens in Central Oregon.

What makes an insect an insect What makes an insect an insect

What is an insect anyway? Check out just what makes these skittering, buzzing, and chirping animals so amazing. Then, join us for our February Nature Night to learn even more about the importance of insects!

Pile Burning 101 Pile Burning 101

Here in Central Oregon, we often hear about pile burning in our forests. Get a step-by-step account of what goes into planning this type of forest restoration.

Nature-inspired Valentine's Day Crafts Nature-inspired Valentine's Day Crafts

Looking to shake up the usual card options or keep small hands busy? Here are two nature-inspired valentine crafts you can make at home led by Land Trust volunteer Zoë Mowry.

Central Oregon Shrub Guide Central Oregon Shrub Guide

Not quite trees and not quite flowers, we're taking a look at shrubs. Learn about some of the common shrubs in Central Oregon.

Monarch Butterflies Need Your Green Thumb Monarch Butterflies Need Your Green Thumb

Planting milkweed and other native blossoms can be a big help for local monarch butterfly populations. Here's what you need to know about Central Oregon milkweed, including how and why to grow it.

About Traditional Ecological Knowledge About Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Find out more about traditional ecological knowledge, then look at these concepts in a couple of essays written by Robin Wall Kimmerer, our March Nature Night presenter.

Beginning Birding Beginning Birding

Folks are flocking to birding like never before! Here are tips from Land Trust volunteer Ben Ward on how to get started birding.

Early Spring Wildflowers Early Spring Wildflowers

Early spring wildflowers are starting to appear in Central Oregon! See if you can spot these flowers the next time you're out and about.

Birds of the Crooked River Birds of the Crooked River

Looking to spot a few new birds this year? Here are eight you might see along the Crooked River near the Land Trust's Ochoco Preserve.

Nature Journaling Nature Journaling

Looking for a new way to connect with the land this season? Start your own nature journal! Here are five tips to get you going.

Walking Lightly on the Land Walking Lightly on the Land

How can we care for the land whenever we head outside? Here are five ways to bring a conservation mindset into your everyday adventures.