Photo: Jay Mather.

Children and Nature

Learn more about how to get children interested and involved in our natural world--and at Land Trust Preserves--in the blog posts below.

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Children and nature go together like peanut butter and jelly. To help you get outside and exploring, we've pulled together some resources on how to do just that! Whether you are visiting your backyard, National Forest, or your Land Trust Community Preserves, we want to help you get out there and explore. If you need a hand, join us for from April-November for free, kid-specific guided hikes and explorations.

Five Ideas for Summer Fun with Your Kids

Jun 16, 2022
School is officially out for the summer! As you head into the long, slow days of fun in the sun, you might find you need a few ideas for how to get the kids outside connecting with our forests, meadows, rivers, and canyons. Check out our list of ideas.