2019 Blog Posts

What's the Deal with Hoarfrost and Rime Ice?

As you're out enjoying the beauty of the outdoors during these winter months, have you noticed any trees or shrubs with a layer of what looks like frost or ice? What is this phenomenon, and how does it happen?

Drought on the Deschutes

The Deschutes River is in the second year of a serious drought. What can we do now that our water supply is less stable?

5 Butterflies that are not Monarchs

Central Oregon is an important breeding stop for Monarch butterflies, but when looking for the monarchs this spring, you'll want to keep an eye out for these other orange flutters.

Overwintering Butterflies

Have you ever wondered how butterflies survive the Central Oregon winter? Do they all migrate south to California and Mexico? Nope!

Nature Night Recap: Magnificent Monarchs with Amanda Egertson

Land Trust ecologist and Stewardship Director Amanda Egertson presented our January Nature Night on the Magnificent Monarch. Enjoy takeaways and beautiful photos from her presentation and find suggested resources to learn more about our local butterflies.

Girls in Science

The Deschutes Land Trust is amazed by the young women and girls who are excited about science and conservation in our community.

We Love our Team

Our staff shares their love for the land every day in many ways, and we could not imagine doing it without this wonderful team!

Why is winter range important for wildlife?

Winter range is habitat deer and elk migrate to in order to find more favorable living conditions during the winter. Learn why this kind of range is so important to their survival and how you can help.

Being Better Stewards for Land and Wildlife

Recreation is a huge part of many of our lives. But what is our impact on wildlife, trees, plants, and the soil? How can we become better stewards of the lands we enjoy so much?

Walks + Hikes: reasons to join the wait list

It's a popular time of year to register for a Land Trust Walk or Hike! But don't despair when you see a wait list, here are three reasons why it's worth your while to join the wait list.

Nature Night Recap: Living in the Human Age with Dennis Dimick

Retired National Geographic editor of Environment, Dennis Dimick presented our March Nature Night on Living in the Human Age. Enjoy a summary and takeaways from his presentation and find suggested resources to learn more about the Anthropocene and how humans are affecting our planet.

Central Oregon Geology Guide

Looking up at the Cascade range, it is clear to see that geology has had a huge impact on the shape of Central Oregon. But if you dig deeper you may find some less common features that also reveal the powerful beginnings of our region.

The Cultural History of the Metolius

In the fall of 2018, the Land Trust acquired a new Preserve along the banks of the Metolius River, the Metolius River Preserve. As we begin to think about the future of this place, we first think back to its cultural history and importance for local first peoples.